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Step by Step tutorials

Implement correctly the Model View ViewModel pattern following a reduced set of easy to follow steps covering all the use cases. Doing it right is as simple as following a fixed set of steps. You will do it right every single time.


These exercises are specifically designed to verify your skills as a Model View ViewModel programmer. They face the complexities you will find in your day to day work. You can download them and their solutions as well.


Learn what is the Model View ViewModel pattern, why it is so useful and how will it help to make your code more maintainable, testable and understandable. Everybody is using it today, learn why!

Over time I found myself several times teaching WPF and MVVM to my colleagues so I ended up doing a training course, light on theory and heavy on detailed steps. As the course and its steps were tested lots of times on different companies I decided to share them with you.

This training is intended for people having knowledge of the following items:

In line with the concept 'Programming is a science, not an art' this course makes implementing MVVM a matter of following a set of steps saving you from thinking when doing it.

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